What’s the biggest mistake nearly ALL new entrepreneurs make?

They forget they are running a business.

What? Let me explain…

Most of us Freedom Entrepreneurs don’t go into business for the love of business itself. We have a passion we want to monetise, or people we really want to help. We want to work less and earn more.

I see so many Freedom Entrepreneurs start their service based business online – they train as a coach, or they take that next qualification for their industry, or they spend ages working on their business idea.

But in all this time, they don’t even consider the actual business pieces they need to implement.

  • They think that when they’re qualified, clients will miraculously pop up (on a consistent basis and in enough numbers for them to have £10k+ months every month – ha!).
  • They waste time on logos and brand colours when they should be out having conversations with real people their market
  • They think it’s ok “not to be commercial” and to be terrified of having a sales conversation.

No matter how great your service and how needed it is, you will not make money or help anyone if you don’t:

Get your message tight

As all my clients know – from my VIP private clients all the way through to any info product I release – you must have a concise target market and niche.

A product or service that is marketed to everyone sells to no-one. This is really, super duper key. PLEASE no more “I’ll focus on women”, or “I just want to help anyone who comes my way”.

It is in your future clients’ benefit as well as yours to create a strong, narrow message about you and your product. Get really clear on what small group you want to serve – speak to them and them alone in all your marketing. This is how you get noticed.

Similarly, get known for solving one problem. Be the go-to girl for X, or Y specific problem. Selling skills for introverts; weight loss in 15 minutes; high fashion on a budget. Whatever – just make it niche.

Get your message out in front of LOTS of ideal clients

As a business owner, by default your job is 50%+ marketing. In the beginning when you have no clients, it is 100% marketing.

Never marketed before and have no idea what you’re doing? That’s ok – there are people who can teach you that. My Become Your Own Boss programme takes your through the entire set up of a Freedom Business, from niching, business idea, to marketing strategy, authentic selling, and automating your systems and structures.

PLEASE do not think marketing is something you will just “work out”. It’s a science and an art combined. It’s an entire department or two in most companies.

There’s so much more to it than “building a website” or “creating a Facebook page”.  The internet is a huge place, and you need to make sure your little piece of turf is visible to enough of the right people.

Be consistent in your marketing efforts

Consistent income comes from consistent action. Now, this doesn’t mean massive action for hours every day. This means you have systems and structures set up to ensure your message is getting out there consistently:

  • Write regular emails to your crew – Do you have a way for people to give you their email? Do you know what to write in those emails?
  • Grow your following consistently – Do you have a strategy for this to happen? Do you know how to automate this?
  • Create a logical flow of your marketing, from the first meeting to the final sale – Do you understand marketing funnels? Are you in your ideal clients’ mindset every step of the way?

You get out of any internal drama

Business success tends to come when you get out of your own way. Stop resisting the things that make you uncomfortable:

  • Scared to share your business on Facebook? Get over it and press “post”
  • Scared of what people will think of your video? Get over it and film your video
  • S cared of not closing the sale? Get over it and call that potential client

I know growing your visibility on line can be excruciating – it’s exactly the same as any other personal growth.

Remember that the people watching you are way too busy with their own lives and own problems – a fight with their husband, their mother’s visit this weekend, the boss they know is out to get them, the extra 10kg they can’t lose.

They really don’t care about you or your business, unless you make it glaringly obvious why they should (i.e. you are solving a really specific problem which they are currently experiencing).

I now run ads that reach hundreds of thousands of people at a time. My photos are out there, videos of me are being played to probably millions of strangers, most of whom I’ll never even know their name.

And do you know what? In all those people, I’ve have about 2 comments saying my work was boring or silly. I’ve had possibly 2-3 more saying I’m immoral or something else bad. And one person told me MLM was evil (I don’t work for MLM companies, so not quite sure what she was on about!). But that’s it. I survived. You can too.

On a side note, I receive emails, messages and comments every day telling me I just brightened someone’s day, I gave someone hope, what I wrote was exactly how they feel, that they couldn’t do this without me, that they’re inspired. THAT makes a couple of dodgy comments worth it!


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