10 Things I’ve learned in business this year #2: Focus

Over the course of this year, my business has grown exponentially (in September I earned 663x what I earned in January!)

I’ve launched 3 signature services and created countless free resources. I feel now that I have a solid foundation in my business and I’m really getting clarity on my longterm direction and legacy. It’s exciting!

While I’ve been super productive this year, I’ve also let a load of ideas slide, at least for now. I have BIG dreams and huge plans, but you can only do one thing at a time. So one of my biggest realisations this year is that to succeed in business, you must focus.

1) Focus Your Attention: Shiny Object Syndrome

This is one of the key ways we take ourselves out of the game. Like a dog chasing wildlife in the park (“squirrel!!”) we dash in a hundred directions at once, never completing or fulfilling what we initially set out to do.

Shiny Object Syndrome can show up in so many ways:

  • buying every info product or watching every webinar going
  • coming up with 100 business ideas but never completing any of them
  • giving up on one strategy when it doesn’t work immediately and searching for the ‘magic pill’
  • getting caught up in BIG plans without making strides on the level you’re currently at

The antidotes to Shiny Object Syndrome are focus and commitment. Choose a direction and commit to it for at least 6 months. Choose a mentor and max out their offering. Be realistic about where you are at and master the next logical step.

2) Focus Your Business: Niching

Another way newbie business owners take themselves out of the game is the refusal to niche. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard something along these lines from a potential client:

“I can totally write a weightloss book, but I can also coach women to attract their soulmate, and I can create an e course on learning the guitar and and and…”

When you are a household name along the lines of Taylor Swift or Kanye West, we can look at sticking your name on perfumes and clothing lines. But for the foreseeable future, the key to success is to niche your offering down. Become known for one thing, and serve one tight target market.

When you can speak to your target clients like they are one person, you’ve nailed your message. You want to get to a crystal clear elevator pitch, like:

“I help millennial corporate women to manage stress and boost health to flourish in their demanding careers”

If you’re stuck with niching, my home study programme Find Your Freedom Business Idea takes you through the process I use to help all my private clients uncover their clear business idea and message.

3) Focus Your Horizon: 90 day goals

While we all dream of being millionaires on a yacht “one day”, having such long dated goals makes it too easy for us to put off taking action. Instead, create 90 day goals that stretch you. You’d be amazed what can happen in 90 days.

  • doubling your monthly income (or more!)
  • setting up your business and getting your first client
  • launching a fully fledged group programme
  • writing a book

You can achieve anything you set your mind to and work consistently toward. Create a destination you’d love to arrive at in 90 days, and work out the steps you need to take. Schedule these in your diary and commit to doing them then.

4) Focus Your Action: Prioritise

Your top priority as a business owner is to make money. Now before you get triggered and ask about client service and purpose and working to live not living to work (if these things are coming up for you check in to your money story) consider this…

You can’t live without money. You can’t get the word out and help clients without money. You can’t pay your team, your beautician, your local farmer’s market without money. Without money, your business is just an expensive hobby.

Focus your actions on the lowest hanging fruit – what is the most direct way you can connect with your potential clients? Don’t write a blog post if you don’t have a massive following yet – go and comment in some Facebook groups. Don’t offer to speak on your friend’s small podcast that’s not even to your target market if you could be following up with people who did discovery calls the week before.

Do the things that are most likely to make you money every day before you do the bigger, longer term brand strategy stuff.

5) Focus Your Mind: Positivity

As I’ve been explaining this week in my Become Your Own Boss group programme, we must instil discipline in our minds. Thoughts become things.

If you allow your mind to wander to fear, worry, “worst case scenarios” – that’s what you will experience.

Instead, be totally dedicated to emitting love and positivity to the world. Reframe all negative thoughts, find the silver lining in every situation. Focus on success and that’s what you’ll experience.

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