How To Surprise Yourself with What You Can Achieve

I like to plan my life in quarterly chunks. 3 months is long enough for seriously amazing things to happen; yet also short enough that life can’t derail you. You can stay focused for 12 weeks in a row!

Don’t believe much can change in just 3 months?

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Don’t buy based on price. Buy for this instead.

Price isn’t a great way to choose a product or service. I’ll share why in this blog post. If you’re considering investing in a new service (for example, business coaching); or if you want to choose the right price for your own services; or even if you just want to change the way you relate to money, you are going to find this post super helpful.

Price isn’t a good indicator – here’s why. Any vendor can put any price they want on their product or service. This can work both ways: they can put a price which is really high and is way too expensive. That way, they lose because nobody is going to pay for it.

Or, they can put a price which is really low because they are looking at the service from their own perspective. They think, because it will take just 2 hours to fulfil, that they need to charge just 2 hours of time – whatever that costs them.

But that’s the wrong way to look at it.

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The First Step To Take To Create A Successful Business

I want to talk today about the first step to take when you want to start your business. Because for most people, the reason they can’t even get going is that they have no idea what to do. So if you are brand new in business, you’re going to find this really, really helpful.

When I was speaking to a client of mine who started her business in February this year (about 6 months ago), I realised that she hadn’t made this first step. And this step is so fundamental if you actually want to get going. There are plenty of other actions you can take – and she has been working consistently – but unless you do this first step, these actions won’t pay off.

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Today, I just wanted to jump on, specifically to talk about something that came up in pretty much every single interview that I did. And it comes up every single time I do market research.

And it’s “How on earth do I even get started? Where do I even begin?”

That’s how people think when they’re just starting out a business. And it seems like, every single person thinks like that.

I know I definitely did and that was something that came up through all these different interviews.

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How to Overcome Perfectionism to Grow Your Business

I was talking to my client today about how she was feeling really exhausted. She was feeling really demotivated. She’s still in her corporate job – I know how that feels to have 40-50 work hours a week and then to have your business on top of it. It is tough – there’s no way around that.

She was feeling this lack of energy. She could have gone to bed an hour earlier – we decided that she was going to do that. She’s also going to work on her business when she’s fresh in the morning, rather than the evening. These practical things do help.

But the main issue was more that she was feeling demotivated because she was feeling overwhelmed. And the reason she was feeling overwhelmed is that she wanted everything to be perfect and to be correct. 

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I want to talk to you today about sustainability in business.


It’s very easy to say, “Oh yeah, I quit my corporate job and I ran my business for two weeks!” or “I already started my business.” and so on..


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