Today, I want to share a message that I find to be really, really important – it is around giving yourself permission.

I was talking to one of my Freedom Business Academy members recently. She told me, for the first time ever because of taking my course, she is allowing herself to do some things – allowing herself to take some time off, allowing herself not to work super late in the evening. This is because Freedom Business Academy is not only business-focused strategic but it is also mindset-focused as well.

This work hard, play hard; push push push; is so omnipresent in our culture. You work until you are sixty or you are seventy or maybe even you are eighty, nowadays! You work and you push and you strive, and you never give yourself any happiness. You never give yourself anything, any enjoyment, any fulfilment, anything like that.

This idea of giving yourself permission is for every area of our life:

– Giving yourself permission to create the career that you want to create.
– Giving yourself permission to not work overtime, to work on your business at night.
– Giving yourself permission in your business not to push and push and push – and this is something which I personally struggled with.

I had a corporate background, I used to be in banking. I used to work long hours. And it was like this badge of honour, the longer you work, the better.

It is just nonsense! All that happened to me is I burned out! I got stuck with a chronic autoimmune disease and had to start my life from scratch.

So give yourself permission to jump off that bandwagon, jump out of that rat race.


Give yourself permission to work on your business. It’s a long process – it’s not like you just do one task and you create it automatically! There is a lot of build work to get your first client. Of course, once you get your first client, the second, third, fourth and fifth are far easier.

But there is this stress I see in a lot of new or beginning entrepreneurs: they just push, push, push, and they work, work, work, work. And they work themselves to the ground trying to ‘prove’ themselves.

They think that if they keep going, if they do an extra thing, if they work an extra hour, they might succeed faster, but that is not the case. There are certain tasks that you have to do, there are certain pieces that you need to build in your business to actually create the business but there is no more than that to do. Working extra for the sake of working will not bring you extra results.

If you run off and you do irrelevant things like writing a hundred blog posts, that is not going to help you. That is just busy work. There is this epidemic of busy work and busy-ness in our society. And if you don’t catch yourself, if you don’t change that conscious process in your own mind, you could fall into that pattern as an entrepreneur.


I run Freedom Business Academy – freedom business is my thing. And it is all about how you do not have to work so hard to live the life that you want to live. But the only person who is going to stop you from doing that is you and your own mindset because it is very, very easy to fall into the 9 to 5 mindset. Even when you are working from a cafe, even when you are an entrepreneur!

When I first quit my job, I found stuff to do between the hours of 9 and 6. It was just like clockwork – every day I filled my time between those hours. And it was all busy work. It was all nonsense.

In reality, there was like 5 hours a week of core key tasks to do at that point when I was building up that business.

Once you start taking clients and you are fulfilling client time, you will add up a little bit more time per week. But with a freedom business, you choose how many clients you want. You should be able to run your business in ten, fifteen, twenty hours a week. That’s for everything: to fulfil your client work, to do the marketing, to do everything you want to build.

If you want to start scaling up maybe there is an element of time when you work forty hours and so, and then you scale down back again.

However, if you find yourself working, forty, fifty hours a week consistently, there is probably something going on with your mindset, there’s probably an element if you are falling back into the corporate routine. Give yourself permission NOT to live like that.


If you are thinking about your business idea, for example, I have one client who, she knows what she wants to do, but she never feels like she is ready. She always thinks something extra to learn and she will not start. She never feels she is ready.

Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

Give yourself permission not to be the biggest expert in the world. Because let us face it, an expert is somebody who put in, years and years and years of their life to get where they are. And a big element of them becoming an expert is that they are actually doing what they have to do.

A doctor does not become a doctor by just studying. A doctor studies for a certain period of time to get the basic qualifications. But then they have clinical training: they go into a hospital and they work. They take patients. Obviously, they have mentors and they are being monitored, but they are doing what they know how to do. That is how they learn – by doing!

It is exactly the same thing in the business. Whether you want to become a health coach or sales consultant or teach French, you are never going to be perfect. There is always more you can learn – but you learn by DOING! So give yourself permission to start.


I have been teaching business now for nearly 3 years. I am still learning. I have invested $50,000 for the last six months alone just in courses, just to get to the next level.

I don’t wait to teach people until I have learned everything there is to know – that would be impossible!

I am teaching what I know already. There are people, two, three, ten steps behind me who are learning so much from what I know already. When I go to the next level, I can either bring them with me or I can help people who are already at their level.

There is a continuous evolution of learning and sharing and teaching. And that is what I want you to give yourself permission to do as well.

You already have the knowledge and you are probably discounting all knowledge that you have. So give yourself permission to start right now.

Give yourself permission to start from where you at right now.


Give yourself permission to go home early and not to do overtime sometimes.

Give yourself permission to prioritise your business and to not prioritise whatever random projects your boss wants you to do.

Give yourself permission to take control of your life and your time. Because your time is your only limited resource.

Money can buy you time – you can automate your advertising, so you are not spending time getting clients one by one. Money can buy you expertise. Money can buy you knowledge and skills too.

If you join our Freedom Business Academy, you can learn in three, four, five, six months what it will take you five years to learn just DIY. I DIY’ed for a year – it was awful and it doesn’t take you anywhere!

But time is the only limited resource that you have, so give yourself permission to use your time in the most productive way for you.

Let’s say you want to get out of your job. If that is your number one goal, you need to make a plan for how you can make it happen. You need to build a business, you need to replace your salary. Therefore, that should be your focus. Make sure that you give the right amount of time to that goal.

Do not stay three hours late at work every night just for the sake of it. Do not come home and watch TV. Do not go out with your friends and get drunk on the weekend, all the time. (Obviously, you can sometimes! You’re allowed to have some fun!)

Think about how you are spending your time. Make sure that you are prioritising your time to create the results that you want to create in your life.


Give yourself permission to get the qualification that you need to start your business.

Give yourself permission to get the training that you need to start your business, or to get the training you need to take your business to the next level.

Give yourself permission to do the things which are going to get you where you want to get to.


If you are having a really bad day, give yourself permission to take a day off. That is why you started your business!

For example, I had a really bad day a few days ago. I felt horrible, nothing was working that day. I couldn’t find any inspiration, I didn’t want to do anything.

I gave myself a permission to take a day off and work through a mindset programme. It was amazing, it transformed everything! I got so many ideas now. All because I stopped pushing and gave myself permission to do what I needed.


For the last three and a half years I have done the same mindset routine every single day. Reading, journaling and visualising. Now, because it is summer and we have a pool, I want to go swimming. For quite a while I resisted, thinking I had to “be productive” and work from my desk.

But then I gave myself permission to change it up: I now do my visualisation in the pool. Some of my journaling which I use to write, I now think it in the pool, while I’m swimming. In that way, I allow myself to go swimming, to have fun while working on my business.

Giving yourself permission can also mean finding another way, another route to compromise around so you can see what to do. So for me, that is I can swim and I can do my mindset work – like hitting two birds with one stone.

How can you find a way to create what you want to create, give yourself permission to actually live the life that you want to live?


This could also work with other people’s expectations. Other people might want you to become a lawyer or a banker, or stay in your corporate job because it is “safe”. My parents wanted me to stay in my corporate world because that is what they understand. That is what they knew, they have no idea about this entrepreneurship stuff, especially online.

But I did what I want to do. There is absolutely no way I would ever be happy in the corporate world. So I started my own business. I am travelling, I am doing what I want to do. I have my own schedule: I can go swimming when I want to go swimming. Take a day off when I want to take a day off. I am giving myself permission to create the life that I want to live.

My husband and I are gearing up to be travelling long term. We’re not going to have a fixed house. We will be moving every three months or so and we are giving ourselves permission to live like that. When we have babies, we do not know what is going to happen but maybe we will give ourselves permission not to nest and not to settle down. We will see how we feel.

But just understand that it is your life and you can create whatever you want to create. If you want to live, work on the road and travel full time, work ten hours a week and still earn six figures, that is totally feasible. You have to work out how you can do that. Find people who already achieved what you want to learn from them and how they did it.

Give yourself permission to actually dream, to actually do what you want to do, to actually think and plan and create the life that you want to create. And then, do it!

That is the number one key to happiness: understand what you want then actually take the action to do it.


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