One mindset shift to help you transition from employment to becoming your own boss

Today, I want to talk to you about a mindset shift that I was working one of my clients through and about a week ago.


My client is quite senior in her current employment – she is officially an executive.

One of the first things I do when clients are working with me is to have them go through all of their current responsibilities. Obviously, working, domestic stuff – if they’ve got kids, interests they have and finding out a way to fit their life together and incorporate 5 hours a week that is required actually for the business.

She was saying, she finds it hard really to outsource anything because she is the breadwinner of her family – her husband actually does the cooking and picking up the kids from school so she can work all the time.

She was saying, “I’m really struggling to actually find the time – I couldn’t imagine finding time because I do generally spend most of my time at work”.

I asked, “What do you do for fun?” or “What fun things you want to include?”.

She said, “ I haven’t actually had fun in ages! I can’t think of anything fun from that I want to do because my life is just all work”.

So that was something, obviously, that I have to change immediately because we’re all going to have fun! That is the whole point of life. You can’t just work all the time.


She had to outsource more because she was struggling to find the time to actually fit all the self-care and the mindset work and the business building into her life.

I said to her, “Well, what is happening at work? You are an executive, you’re senior, why are you taking on so many projects? Could you ask for other resources to help you?”

Ask for help in that sense. Outsource some of your work tasks so that you’re actually not working so much.

And so she said, “That is interesting! I don’t have official overtime. I can’t just stop working”.


And of course I totally get that but what you need to do is actually look at how you can find the time to back off from some things at work.

I told her, “Remember that you are not going to be at this job too much longer”.

And that for her was a big mindset shift.

She said, “Of course because I’m building my business now”.

Most of us are really ambitious people – we’re progressing in our careers or wherever we are right now. And it is kind of expected that you work hard. It is expected that you go above and beyond. It is expected that you do more for the company than it is contractually expected of you.

But you need to realise that you’re not going to be in this company next year.

You’re not going to be getting the next promotion. Because you won’t be there!


I am not saying you should mentally check out – don’t take it that far – but don’t go above and beyond.

You want to do your job and you want to do it at a certain degree of competency. But you don’t need to be killing yourself and pushing, pushing, and pushing, tons of overtime, over delivering for your boss. If you overwork, it will eat into your life and into your business time as well.

You get to choose what your priorities are. I’m assuming, especially if you are one of my clients, that your priority right now is getting yourself out of your job. Your priority is building your business. So, therefore, that needs to be your focus.

You have obligations and responsibilities of course, but your goal of getting out of your job needs to be your focus.

It’s just a really small tweak for you. To a lot of people, it sounds so simple, but it’s ingrained in us to work really hard and to try really hard in our careers. But that is taking you down a path you might not want to be on.

Obviously, you have to show up 9 AM to 5:30 PM or whatever your contract says, or you got to actually fulfil a certain task at work. I totally get that. But beyond that is extra. That is taking you away from your personal time, that is taking you away from your building business time, taking away your time for your family, your time to have fun, your time to sleep, whatever else. It’s probably why you want out of your job in the first place, right?


It might make sense for you to work hard in your job if your priority is getting a promotion. But the second you decide to start building your business, your job is no longer your priority. Your progression in your career is no longer your priority because you could be out of your job in 3 months or 6 months or 9 months.

It’s really important that you just have this little shift in perception of what actually you choose to spend your time on. I know we all have so many obligations at work and I know it is really not fun, but there is a level at which it is your choice to not work. There is a difference between striving, trying hard to over deliver; and a lower level of effort and time which still remains ethical and still fulfil your job requirements.

Get yourself back down to that level and use the extra time getting yourself out of the office on time, at least a few days a week, to be able to actually live your life and build your business at the same time.

My client really shifted her perception and she is working and living in a very different way now.


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