What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business plans

Today I want to talk about what to do when you are feeling overwhelmed by even just thinking about your business.You know you want to get out of your job, you know what you want to achieve. You know what you want – whether it is lying on a beach in Thailand, or working from home, or whatever your lifestyle dream.

But… you don’t know how to actually get there.


So you are freaking out about ‘I can see where I am now – which is nothing that I want – I can see where I want to get to… but I have no idea how to actually bridge that gap’.

And it can be really overwhelming because of the idea of “building a business” is massive. There are so many moving pieces, there is so much to think about. So many different strategies and different ideas.

It can be really, really stressful.

So when you get to that stage, you are stressing and you are overwhelmed. You almost can’t even take a step forward because you are so stressed about everything.

The best thing to do is just to chunk it down. You have to put your big goal into baby steps- smaller projects.


Now, this is much easier when you have an actual business strategy to follow – something like my Freedom Business Academy. There, you have 20 modules, and you actually follow module 1, module 2, module 3, and so on. That makes it so much easier for you.

But even if you are not in the programme, how you can actually create that game plan and create that road map for yourself?

The key to everything is always baby steps.

So don’t see it as a ‘business’, see it as a ‘website’, plus a ‘list’, plus a ‘product’, and so on. Chunk the big goal down into projects which might take you somewhere from 1-3 months complete. Bigger than that, and it will get overwhelming – like a year to complete as a whole business.


Next up, chunk it down further – as far as you possibly can. You want to create three different sub-topics for every project that you want to create.

The first topic is something that you can do right now. What is something that is going to take you less than two minutes to achieve that you can do right now to get momentum?

That could be, for example, calling the person that you need to call. Booking in the discovery session that you want to book in, to talk about the programme that you want to join. Buying that book that you need to read on that subject. These are all two-minute tasks.

These tasks are really easy to achieve (they are only two minutes!). So as soon as you want to start on a project, you do that task, because it gives you a little bit of momentum on your project – you’ve started! It makes you more likely to move on to the next step.

And the next step might take you maybe up to around an hour to do. Something that you still know how to do, but maybe don’t have time, right now. These are tasks you can schedule for tomorrow.

So today you do the two-minute thing, tomorrow you do the next task, which might take you around an hour.

This could be something like brainstorming business ideas or looking into website providers – whatever it might be depending on the project itself.

Finally, the next task is something that maybe takes you another hour to do. And that you do the next thing the next day.


Can you see the pattern here? You are building up small tasks that you can get done every single day.

And when you do something toward your goal every single day, eventually you’ll reach the end. Even if you make mistakes along the way, even if you do things here and there, if you keep going day by day by day, if you keep taking consistent action, eventually it has to start paying off.


Now there is one other thing to talk about here, and that is that we tend, as human beings, only to have a very limited attention span and a very limited motivation span.

So you might think that you can just keep doing random tasks into infinity. But the reality is, unless you start seeing results very quickly, you will get demotivated.

You will stop actually doing stuff every day because you start to think, “What’s the point? I’m not getting anywhere anyway.”

And that is why having a structure, having a programme to follow, gives you those ticks in the box –  you know you’ve done module 1, you know you’ve got 19 more modules to go. You also know that you can trust that the programme is leading you in the right direction. So you know you’ve got so much more to do.

If you are still trying to build your business by yourself, if you don’t know exactly how to build your business, you don’t have experience building a business before, get yourself into a business building programme – like Freedom Business Academy.

There is a cost to join, obviously. But the cost to join is easily ten times less than what you are going to spend trying to DIY your business.

You will also save so much time, and time is also money because obviously if you are saving time, you will generate a business revenue far more quickly. The quicker to making money in your business, the quicker you will be able to quit your job and create the lifestyle you really want.


Even if you are not in a programme yet, even if joining a programme isn’t something you can do right now, then the only other thing to do is to focus on your motivation.

You need to get into your mind exactly what it is that you want. For example, you want to quit your job, you want to work from home ten hours a week. You want to travel every month or week, somewhere nice. Take a week off from your business a month.

Go deep into your dream. Really visualise what it is that you want.

Let’s say, “I am going to go to Italy in March. I am going to go to Spain in April. I am going to go to Florida in June.”

You can make up where you want to go, getting deep into details. You plan these details. You start visualising how your life is actually going to be.

Make sure that your dream is actually something that really excites you! It has to be an exciting goal, not just like, “I am going to quit my job and work from home for forty hours so I can save from my commute and earn money that I want to earn.”

That is probably great but it is not that exciting goal like, “What is your ultimate dream for your business?” and focus on that.

Focus on something which, even it seems totally unrealistic, gets you excited like “Wow, imagine like, how that would be if that was actually my life.” And focus on that and visualise that. Because that’s going to give you that extra motivation.

So first things first as I said, baby step all the chance. Do not see building a business as one project. Because it is just way too big, it is going to be really overwhelming.

The best way to start baby stepping is to get yourself into a structured program like my Freedom Business Academy. Because that way, you get given what you need to do. So you don’t need to waste time how to work out for what it is you are meant to be doing. That is the quickest way to actually get there.

But even if you can’t join the program right now, how can you just elongate that, extend that motivational period that you have before you start to get discouraged, before you are not seeing results.

And that is to, just focus on having the biggest, best, most amazing dream possible. And really getting into detail, really visualising that detail and that is going to extend that motivational period.


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