If you are anything like I was when I was first starting my online business and I was still fully employed, you probably hate your job. I hated my job!

I didn’t have the freedom that I wanted to have. Everything was on my employer’s terms – when I had to work, when I could leave, when I got paid…

It wasn’t the freedom life that I wanted. I wanted to be able to live life on my own terms. Maybe you are also feeling the same way?

If you are at the stage I was at then, then you probably worked out that becoming your own boss is the only way you will be able to create that freedom lifestyle you desire. It is the only way that you are going to actually dictate the terms on which you live.

So, how can you actually become your own boss? What is the easiest way to do that?


The easiest way is to create a service-based business. If you think about it, you are already a service-based entrepreneur: you are offering a service to your employer.

You are going to work; you are working for them; you are offering them your time and you are getting money for your time. Effectively, you are offering them a service: you are fulfilling a problem that they have, whether you are an accountant or you are a lawyer, or a salesperson – whatever your job is.

But the issue is that you’ve only got one client, so your earnings are massively uncertain. If that one client (your employer) decides they do not want your services anymore (i.e. if they decide to fire you) then you’ve got zero income.

And this client is also dictating all the terms of your service! They are dictating the fee you get (your salary). They are dictating the work that you do. They are dictating the hours that you work. It’s a very unbalanced, unfair setup.

I’m pretty sure you’re starting to see now that actually being a full-time employee is not actually that great a deal, right? It is actually a pretty crappy deal…

If you started your own service based business, you could take on many clients, and spread the risk if one wants to end working with you. You dictate the terms, hours, prices and scope of your work. And you can scale as much as you want.

So, how you could you start a business? Starting a service based business is the easiest way.


A business really faces just two problems:

The first problem is that they need to create a product that people actually want. People want a product when it solves a problem for them.

Let’s say I want to write down my thoughts on a piece of paper. I have problem in that I don’t have any way of making marks on that paper, so I need to buy a pen.

If I have the problem of not knowing how to fill out my tax return,  I go to an accountant and I hire them. I buy their time and their expertise and they fill it out for me.

Or if I have the problem of not hitting my goals, maybe I will go to a life coach and they teach me what they know. They give me some of their time to help me to hit my goals.

STEP 1. Offer a service that you have knowledge in

So, step number one is to offer service that actually solves a problem. Luckily, people have problems in pretty much everything these days!

Maybe they want to learn how to eat healthily, or they want to learn how to parent their children properly, or they want to learn how to practice yoga.

If you have that knowledge, then you can serve them. You can solve the problem and help them. People will always buy something which solves their problems – why would they want to sit around with the problem if they have a solution right there?

So you can see that creating a service people want just means you need to solve one of their problems.

STEP 2. Find the right market for your service

Now the second problem that businesses face is that they need to get the product out in front of the right people. You need to find the right people and get your message right, so they understand how you can help.

The best way to do this is online. There are nearly four billion people online. Getting in front of them literally is as simple as writing a post on Facebook. It’s literally as simple as that!

How could you possibly ever run out of potential clients out of four billion people?


All you need to do is choose an area in which you are interested in: something in which you have some knowledge.

Go ahead and ask people what their problems are in that area.

Create a service which offers a solution to these shared problems. It could be consulting, it could be coaching services, it could be teaching people.

It is as simple as that to actually get going and actually get starting a business!


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