Let’s be honest, how often do you delay your plans? Well, you can always put off taking a holiday or having that salon treatment, but in major decisions that will ultimately change your life, time is of the essence! Making a big change is always super scary, so it’s easy to procrastinate. The scarier the idea, the longer we tend to sit on it – and therefore the more of our life we waste!

What are your reasons for not being able to start building your dream business today? Is it not having enough time? Maybe you think you aren’t qualified? There are so many “what ifs” in considering becoming an entrepreneur… that list can be endless!

Working with my Freedom Business Academy clients and interacting in my Living Rosy community, I’ve seen plenty of reasons why people procrastinate. I’ve fallen into most of these traps myself, too! So today I want to share what you can do to overcome your fears to start your business and create the life you want to live!


Fear is a something everyone suffers from, more often than we realise! Every time we encounter situations that are new to us, fear manifests itself, and it always hinders us from making crucial decisions. Our usual response is to run away from these circumstances and by doing so we lose valuable opportunities! Eliminate all the “what if’s” and turn them to what is.

What you should do: Make a list of all your concerns and cross out all the ones which have a zero or next-to-zero chance of happening. So many of these fears are totally unfounded – like would you really end up homeless under a bridge if your business failed? I’m pretty sure you have parents, friends, and siblings who would help out temporarily if it really came to that – but is it even going to happen anyway? When you get the support you need, you can start earning money from your business in weeks. All the drama is just a big monster you’re allowing to run your mind. Understand all your concerns and come up with an action plan for each of them. Stop looking for the drama and start thinking positively about all the amazing results you could achieve from your business. You will be surprised what a life changing difference that will make!


Are you worrying if what you know is enough to start and run a business? I hear this fear all too often, and this is a major roadblock to jumpstarting your businesses! While you may need a qualification (for example, if you want to become a doctor), you may also have enough life experience to be of massive help to others. You can always find people who know less than you do and help them to reach their next level.

What you should do: Go to my free webinar where I teach you how you can become confident in your business, and how to be credible even when you’re just starting out.


Most people find selling really icky – we don’t want to be perceived as pushy! The whole used car salesman thing is so old fashioned though – there are way better ways to get your product out there! You can sell in a nice way that you doesn’t make you “salesy“. In this blog post, I explained how to make sales even when you hate selling.

What you should do: Understand that the selling cycle is necessary for your business. Stop making it all about you and your fears of what others think. Get out of your own head and focus on your customers – they need your help! If you didn’t tell them about your product or service, they’d never get the information or support they need to fix whatever problem they have. You don’t need to be pushy to sell your product or service: you just need to focus on the people that are interested in your work. Show you want to help them by offering free tips and advice, starting genuine conversations and finding more about them. Treat your audience as human beings basically! It’s that simple.


Most people think starting a business means you need to quit your current job to give your business all your focus. Add to that the fact that 80% of businesses fail and no wonder we are all terrified of starting! But you don’t need to quit your job first! You can start your business alongside your job and only quit when your business is making you a sustainable income.

What you should do: This is our mission in Living Rosy! My passion is to help you jumpstart your business while you still have the security of your 9-5. This way you still have a steady flow of income while you are starting to build the business that will eventually get you out of the cubicle world. When you follow a structured training programme like my Freedom Business Academy, you can start your business alongside your job in as little as 5 hours a week!

Learn more from this blog post.


I can totally understand when you are worrying about how and where you are going to get paying clients. I was in your place too, three years ago – and my, was I worried too! You’re probably wondering how you can ever find enough people to buy your product – and how you can find these people consistently so you can earn money every month. But in fact, when you create a premium product or service, you can charge at least $1,000. As long as you offers your clients massive value well in excess of that, they will happily pay. How many sales would need per month to replace your current salary? 3? 5? 10? There are now over 3 billion people online – how could you possibly not find 5 or even 10 clients a month out of a market of 3,000,000,000?!

What you should do: Learn how to market online! Get your message out there and make yourself known. Learn how to automate and scale your marketing to reach thousands and millions of people.

Don’t delay your business because of these 5 obstacles – because there are surefire ways to beat them! What are your reasons for delaying your starting business? Let me know in the comments section below!


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