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I'm Rosie Freiha, the founder. 

I was always Type-A: driven, focused and ambitious.

But my hustle impacted my health.  I took a deep dive into learning how to nourish my body and look after myself. After burning out in corporate in 2014, I studied nutrition and became a health coach. I also worked with a functional medicine doctor, studied biohacking, and I learned all about natural wellness.

Along the way, I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a coaching colleague, and I fell in love with their therapeutic and emotional power. I was also impressed by their wonderful, straightforward business model. 

By this time, I was running an online business school, and I I knew I had stumbled onto the perfect vehicle for my community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Everything came full circle - health and business combined in a beautiful, ethical mission. 
My Why for my business and life is to create huge impact in the world.

When I was backpacking in China at age 18, I was stopped in the street by a lady begging. She was speaking Mandarin but her intention was clear… she wanted to give me her baby

I was horrified that someone would be so desperate that they’d give their baby to a total stranger (not to mention an 18 year old!) 

Crying in the hostel afterward, I vowed to change things for kids on the streets in China.

Then, of course, life swept me on its way. I finished university, got a job and lost my Why for a while. It wasn’t until 10 years later that I was met with the harsh reality of the world again, this time in Lebanon. I met maids who would leave their kids behind in countries as far away as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Philippines, because they were desperate for work to feed them. They’d miss their kids' entire childhoods for $150 a month. 

I wanted to find a way to create economic opportunity for them at home, where they could remain in their own cultures and communities, with their families - to start a charity to help them. 

I thought this charity was a pipe dream 20 years away... but then I discovered doTERRA! With its beautiful compensation plan and mission based business model, I realised it was the vehicle I could use to create a million dollar residual income to fund my own expenses - AND my charity. 

My goal is to reach $1 million annual income by my 30th birthday in February 2019.

Any time you purchase an essential oil through me, or if you wish to join my doTERRA team and build your own beautiful business - you are helping me to reach this big goal and helping thousands of people around the world in the process.
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Our mission
Our mission is to help businesses that are making a positive impact on the world to grow and reach their maximum potential by leveraging their online presence. 
We leverage our expertise to provide strategy, design, automation and funnel architecture in the following industries:
  • Coaching
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  •  Service-based businesses
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