The Business Model Most coaches Have Forgotten...
That's Leaving Money on the table 
And reducing your impact

What You'll Learn In This FREE Online Training
  •  Why you are currently not monetising 95% of your list... and how to fix that
  •  Why coaching & online programmes can never offer you full financial freedom... but this can
  •  The loneliness epidemic in coaching... and how this changes the way you collaborate 
  •  How to use this model to 10x your global impact 
  •  How to GET paid to have a sales and support team (instead of SPENDING on staff)
  •  And how you can get started for less than the cost of your email autoresponder 
About Your Hosts...
Jessica Nazarali
Business Strategist and Master Coach
Founder of ItGirl Academy and
Host of ItGirl Radio podcast
Rosie Freiha
Life & Business Coach
Founder of Living Rosy Online Business Mentoring and
Host of Happiness School podcast
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